Thursday, September 16, 2010

Screening the Sun with Vines - Florida Native Vines Cool Houses.

I've mentioned the use of native vine species for creating shade on the house - and keeping hot summers a little cooler here in Florida, before.

We have a sky vine, Thunbergia grandiflora, with stunning blue flowers growing on an arbor over our front picture window.  The vine is deciduous and drops its leaves in the winter when we want the sunshine to pour into the living room.  But during the hot summers the vine keeps us cool with plenty of shade.

Rob Overly calls his window vines his Green Screens and there are many favorites for creating shade.  I personally enjoy the rambling and climbing antique and heritage roses. Check out the link here for a slideshow of some of the climbing and bush roses in our yard.

Also growing in our yard is another great vertical green species - Passion Flower or Passiflora incarnata .

Passion Flower - Passiflora incarnata - great screen vine - Florida
Passifora is a quick growing vine with stunning delicate flowers.

It too is deciduous and makes for a good summer screen, leaves blocking summer high heat, while allowing winter solar radiation to filter through the vines.

Volumetric Green for the Urban Core!

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