Thursday, September 23, 2010

Green Roof Sedum Plant for Florida - Selecting Green Roof Plants for Florida

Sedums are popular across the world to use as green roof plants.  This is because of their ability to withstand temperature variations as well being drought tolerant.

In Florida, most do not do well.

As mentioned in the blog article, Sedums for Florida Green Roofs sedums can have a difficult time in Florida - especially because of Southern Blight and other fungal diseases.

Southern Blight is transmitted primarily by spores in contaminated nursery soil and becomes a rampant problem during Florida's long, hot, humid summers.

But if you are intent on trying sedums on a Florida Green Roof...try the Blue Spruce variety.

Blue Spruce Sedum

Sedum Reflexum - Blue Spruce Sedum  is one of the toughest I've seen, growing in Florida.

I've seen it on non-irrigated roofs in Gainesville - and last through brutal summers of hot sun exposure.

I've seen it thrive in well-drained soils during the wet season.

The downside to this plant is on hot, harsh roofs it is very slow growing and produces almost no root system.

So it won't spread quickly and fill in your green roof.

But it should survive the 7 Horrible H's of Florida's Green Roofing Ecology!

Happy Green Roofing, Kevin


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